Teachers Latin America
International Educators Hiring Fair
April 28th, 2018
Mexico City

The Teachers Latin America team has extensive experience in international education on 4 continents. Our background as teachers and administrators helps us to shape our company's policies that drive us to achieve our goal of setting the bar for personalized service in the recruitment of educators as well as placement service given to schools for the benefit of students in Latin America. This is why our only focus is Latin America!


Teachers Latin America’s mission is to recruit and place the highest quality educators possible for schools in Latin America so as to provide for maximum student achievement. Teachers Latin America does this through its unique and personalized international recruitment and placement solutions that serve as an extension of each member school’s human resources office. Teachers Latin America will always remain interested and invested in the communities in which it serves.


While everyone else is asking where the next talent pool is going to come from, Teachers Latin America has already been there! For years Teachers Latin America has been pursuing a grass-roots campaign, personally visiting universities, professional development conferences, hiring fairs in Canada, the USA and Latin America as well as reaching out through social media to our own personal contacts on the international teaching circuit around the globe to find education professionals specifically interested in working in Latin America. Whenever possible we have face-to face meetings to discuss the benefits as well as the challenges to working in Latin America. We feel that the best way to retain quality teachers is to give them a fair and balanced perspective of what it is like to live and work in Latin America based upon our own personal experiences as well as the experiences of our network around the countries we serve. Our goal is always to attract the best possible talent for positions in our client schools!


Teachers Latin America seeks to attract teachers that possess degrees in the field in which they are seeking a position, are certified in their home state or country by an accredited institution and have acquired at least 2 years of experience – ideally. However, we are careful not to overlook the fact that there are qualified teachers out there that may be lacking in one of the three areas mentioned above. This is where our personalized service and knowledge of our talent pool, including confidential reference checks, helps us to hand pick candidates who may be deficient in one area but still perfectly competent and qualified to manage a dynamic and productive classroom. We understand that some schools have room for flexibility and Teachers Latin America hopes to cater as well to schools that can be flexible.

Teachers Latin America Hiring Fair is creating win-win opportunities for everyone! We live here. We work here.